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The Arts Lift Every Spirit

Only you can keep our story alive...

SSPA is so much more than a school of performing arts; it is a place of self-discovery, a haven during the turmoil of youth—it is a family whose roots span across time and space. For nearly thirty years, Spindrift School has been a place where inspiration converges and spreads; but, as with so many educational non-profits, the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our small but mighty school. If we are to make it to 30 years, if we are to continue adding chapters and generations to this tale of inspiration, we need the help of our Spindrift family.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be telling the intimate stories of our alumni, parents and students—of people who unilaterally agree that their Spindrift experience left them changed and that, no matter the degree of time or space, they will always carry a little piece of Spindrift with them.

We know that the pandemic has been difficult on everyone; but if you are able, we hope that you will consider donating to our cause, whether monetarily or simply by spreading the word. Your support is our lifeline, ensuring that the current Spindrift generation will not be the last. And so you see, only you can keep our story alive...